Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Irdina Khadijah

Ni order for my cousin's daughter on her 5th Birthday. Thanks Abg Yusri and Kak Farrah for ordering

Sesame street
Party pack for friends to bring home
Barbie rainbow cake
Inside the cake

Order from my dear friend Nadine

I wish Syuaib Happy 2nd birthday and thanks Nadine for trusting us for the birthday cake. Theme prince red and white.

Birthday cake
Cake pop

Cake pop

Monday, June 11, 2012

9th Birthday Shafieza

Happy 9th Birthday to my cousin Fisya on her 9th birthday. Ni dah kali ke 2 me and my sister diberi tanggungjawab untuk event ni. This time around kami buat party pack, gift for the parents and cupcakes in cone

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Party pack for the kids
Round Jar with eclairs + customize stickers
Cupcakes in cone

Event Supplies for Myra Aqiqah

Sorry dah lama tak update. Agak busyla jugak lately banyak orders untuk cupcakes and barang2 event. Ni saya buat untuk anak buah saya, Myra untuk aqiqah (150 pack)

Credit to Bob saffandiphoto Paperbag with customize label

Customize label on paperbag

Round Jar with decor + customize sticker

Apam with customize topper

Habis sepah rumah :p

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