Monday, April 16, 2012

Event Supplies (Party/Aqiqah/Birthday/Etc)


I do not own a design and printing company but i will help you to find the cheapest quotation for you to choose from. I bought things in bundle and i can get a cheaper price. I also can help in giving ideas for your gifts and party packs. Please send email for quotation

Code : MG373 Round Jar

Code : MG378 Round Jar

Code : RP028 Hexa Jar

Code : RP029 Hexa Jar
Code : 4oz pill (ideas as below)
Baby Shower (credited to Google)

Sample for Hexa Jar (credited to Google search)
Sample for Round Jar (credited to Google search)
For above, you can order as below
1. Jar only
2. Jar with personalized sticker
3. Jar + Sticker + Ribbon +Candy

Candy to choose from

Rock Candy
Jelly beans
Code : Take out box (credited to Google)

 Code : Take out box w ribbon + TQ Tag (credited to Google)

Code : Plain white paper bag
 Code : Personalized sticker for paper bag/chocolates/mineral label

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