Saturday, September 8, 2012

10 Ways to Promote your Blog

This is a topic where everyone who currently having a home basis business should do. As we are in Information Technology era, we need to promote our blog online. But the main question is how you promote your blog? How do you want people to buy your product through your blog? For me I have my own ways on promoting my blog. I have started my cupcakes business from home since 2011 but now I expand my business doing desserts and event supply. I created this blog on February 2011 where my elder sister starts pushing me to create my own blog. Here are 10 ways on how to promote my blog 

            1. Use social media etc Facebook as your platform
I created Facebook earlier than blog. So I’m using Facebook as a platform to promote my blog. Each time I have a new entry, I will update my Facebook status on my entry. I will also put a photo where certain people love to see photo then only check out our blog. As for twitter, each time I have an order, I will post a photo to attract people 

2. Giveaway
To make sure you have a follower, you have to do a giveaway to attract people. Normally to participate in a giveaway you will need to follow the blog that are giving the giveaway. With this, they will follow you and if you update a new entry they will notice.

            3. Join any flea market
By joining the flea market, you can attract more people to visit your blog and promote your items. You can either give a pamphlet on your item or give them your business card. Make sure to include your details such as telephone number, email, website and etc. Your business cards are one of the most obvious places to promote your blog.

            4. Blog walking
Don’t just sit and wait for people to notice you. It’s time for blog walking. An easy way to give your blog free advertisement is by commenting on other blogs. When you leave interesting comments, people will tend to notice and follow the link back to your blog to know more you and your product.

            5. Free Advertisement from your friends blog
If you have friends who are an active blogger, do ask them a favour in writing a post about your blog. Give them attractive photos of your product. People who always read their blog will tend to see post about your product. This is one way of promoting your blog.

            6. Put your own label on your product
Like myself, I paste my sticker on to the cupcakes box to promote my website. By doing this, people who have taste my cupcakes and thinking of ordering, they can actually go to my blog to get more details on my product. 

7. Word of Mouth advertising
In addition, we can also use word-of-mouth advertising, which is an unpaid form of promotion. This is one of the most effective ways of advertising which don’t cost money at all. We will use this method and spread the news to our friends, colleagues, classmates and relatives.

8. Single channel (Direct Marketing)
Go to event. Promote yourself. Social with people. When you go to any event, make sure to bring your business card. Direct marketing is a good way to promote your blog and make people notice about you.

9. Befriend with popular blogger
I noticed that when you became friends to famous blogger, in directly people will notice you. This is also a way of advertising your blog. When your friend is having a small party, you can give her free sample. This will give you opportunity to get more customers.

            10. Giving free sample
Who doesn’t like free sample. Everyone does. By giving out free sample people will tend to search your website to know more about your product. If you have a new product do include free sample in their order for them to taste.


  1. Hi
    Thanks for the list , I have been doing the facebook option but was sure there were other ways to. The whole free sample or give a ways I think is good, but the issue is always how do you do it and what do you give away. But will consider it.


  2. “Put your own label on your product” – This is one detail you shouldn’t dare miss. Online presence is useless without identity. This is why creating a business logo should be done before any promotion effort. On another note, it’s a smart suggestion to use your friends’ blogs for your advertisement, and it’s free!

    -->Emilia Loza

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